Our Police Force is FINALLY using drones

On the last day of New Year, the Singapore Police Force announced that they are deploying a bunch of high tech toys including drones for the Marina Bay Countdown.

Can tell our security forces are getting more and more happening, because, you know, terrorists and pranksters can also be damn happening these days.

So what is the drone about? Channel News Asia tried describing it as “An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) prototype equipped with new features like red-and-blue blinkers, searchlight and audio warning system” (talk about long-winded!), so is like a mini flying thing that will do policing from up there I guess.

We know drones have been around for a long time, and other countries have been using helicopters and drones both for stepping up security and also for responding to situations, much like what we see in Hollywood movies, and in the London Bridge Attack.

However, Police can use drones, but we cannot suka suka fly our own yah? Remember the fella who kena arrested for flying a drone near the NDP area, still an offence hor!

So finally, as 2017 drew to a close, we have our own Police Drones. Still waiting to see our own Police helicopters, like what you see in Spiderman and other Marvel movies.


Now, we wonder if the Police will think of using the drones for other day-to-day operations in the near future. Just imagine….