Deejay complains publicly on Facebook about his maid, aiyo Abang, you have our sympathies!

Did you read the foreign domestic helper horror story that is going around online?

In summary, Ria 98.7fm Deejay, Dzar Ismail posted his audio rant on his Facebook on Boxing Day, to share about his maid who his sent packing home.

According to his latest post, also on his FB page, which is his complaint lodged to MOM, not only is the helper totally beyond employer control, exploited his and his wife’s niceness, soliciting, drinking alcohol in a Muslim household, the most disgusting part which actually makes us readers sibei hot and angry is how the maid took photo of his 2-year-old daughter while the little girl showering, and even teaching her how to touch herself. What kind of sick person is this?!!

Every mother father out there who read this are angry.

Actually, other maids read already also angry! One black sheep now making all the employers add more CCTVs to the house and do more spotc checks yah?

So now, employers of FDW also damn headache.

Too strict? Never give them use handphone and internet? Your maid suka suka run away from home to embassy or run to HOME and them HOME write their sob stories and try to shame you online.

Too nice and give her freely use phone and wifi etc? Then end up having a maid like this, exploit your kindness and do all kinds of funny things and post online.

Abang Dzar, we feel your anger manz! You should have sent her to the police station, not sent her back home and let her get away scot-free with the chance to come back and possibly do damage to other family’s children!

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