Are your pets safe in a pet centre?

Wah, suddenly got many news of pet dogs who kanna mistreated when their owners are away this holiday season.

The latest case sounds damn ridiculous: the owners left their healthy two-year-old dog in Benji Pet Kernel for just TWO days and were told their dog had “passed away peacefully”. No reason was given to the owners for what happened.


WTF? Can the pet kernel be more irresponsible anot? Just tell the pet owners that the dog passed away peacefully can close the case already meh?

Lucky the owners reported the case to AVA for an autopsy and AVA is investigating.

Then last month, this family left their pet poodle at Dpets Centre. The dog came back with an injured hind leg. The family brought the dog to a vet and realised the dog had dislocated his leg. Worse thing- the vet said the injury can only occur when there is a great impact done to the dog. Meaning the dog probably was ­­treated really badly at the pet centre lor.


AVA really need to come down hard on these pet businesses that are irresponsible and operating without proper ethics. Hello, these shops open their door for business and the least customers can expect is at least a dog which is not dead or injured right? Then pay money for them to take care of the pets for what?

And when the pets get injured or dead, the owners have to go through the trouble to sort things out (paying out more money which they cannot claim from) and get emotionally traumatised. It’s not play play one for the owners hor.

What is the penalty for these businesses which are found to be negligent? AVA has a code of conduct for these businesses but if there is no punishment and enforcement like demerit points or suspension, who will be scared of AVA?

Does AVA conduct regular spot checks on these shops to enforce this code of conduct?

Otherwise, for pet parents who go on their holidays, forever need to worry about the safety of their pets. Then for those unlucky ones whose pets really kanna problem in the pet kernels, looks like it is not a merry season after all.

[Update Dec 2018: A pet boarding place Platinum Dogs Club is under AVA investigation for the death and injuries of  5 dogs under its care. Although this is a home boarder, we hope that stiff penalties will be meted out to these unethical people, whether they conduct their business in a shop or home. Because they have undertaken to take care of these dogs, such negligence is really not cool.]