Are you a parking cheat?

One thing I never understand is how come people can spend so much money to buy a car but they can think of all ways to save a few bucks by cheating here and there. One of the favourites of cheating drivers is to tailgate another car as they exit the carpark gantry so that they would not be charged for parking.

That is so seriously lame. Can afford to buy car but cannot afford to pay parking.

But the more you want to game the system, technology will always be one step ahead. HDB announced that it will be using sensors and cameras to record motorists who tailgate to avoid parking charges at gantries. The Tailgating Detection System (TDS) will be implemented in its carparks in the second half of next year.

A network of sensors located at the exits of the Electronic Parking System carparks will measure the distance between vehicles as they approach carpark gantries. Once tailgating is detected, the system instantly records the video footage, as well as the vehicle’s details, and date and time of the incident.

Even motorcycles will not be able to escape this detection system. This is great news for all the honest motorists out there.

But car park cheats got another higher level kind. This video shows a Honda Odyssey exiting the Hyatt carpark via the entry to avoid paying carpark charges. The car’s passenger even helps to lookout for the driver.

Let’s hope HDB’s system is installed in private carparks soon. And modified to catch smart asses like this driver.