No more black black car windows

If you drive to Johor Bahru frequently, and just nice your car has dark window tints, then you probably have to remove the tints before you drive to JB next time.
According to reports, Malaysia’s deputy transport minister announced that foreign vehicles with dark window tints will not be allowed to enter Malaysia, and they will “take immediate action in barring foreign vehicles with dark window tints from entering Malaysia”.


Wah wah, don’t play play wor. They also say “those entering Malaysia will have to remove the dark window tint of their vehicles.”
Walao, why so troublesome? Because they are concerned that foreign vehicles could bring in drug traffickers and terrorist group members into the country. Okay la, security concerns are legit.
In case you don’t know, it is illegal for cars to be tinted beyond a certain degree in Singapore. LTA’s guiding principle in vehicle modifications is SAFETY. Tinted glass or films are allowed provided it allows for at least 70% of light to pass through. Otherwise so dark, can cause visibility problems when driving leh. Too dangerous liao. If your car has tinted windows, better send it for light transmittance test to ensure that it meets the requirements set by LTA. Don’t know what’s that? Find out more here.
Now that even our neighbours are stepping up security, what about us? How do we know that the vehicles here abide by the guidelines? Some cars have windows so heavily tinted that we can hardly see if there’s a driver inside leh. Is someone checking our own cars?
What about foreign vehicles with heavily tinted windows that enter Singapore? Would these cars also pose safety risks to our road users? We impose strict guidelines on our own cars, but what about the safety risks foreign vehicles pose?
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Let’s not wait till something bad happens before we step up and take action la.