Kpop memorial drew much bigger crowd than most other Hong Lim Park events

Wah wah wah wah,

Uncle yesterday went to Hong Lim Food Centre to buy dinner, then on the back to Clark Quay station, Uncle saw a lot of people at Hong Lim Park! Much more people than the events organised by professional regular protest organiser Gilbert Goh!!! Maybe got more than one thousand people!

Uncle heard got people crying and wailing, got people scream “OPPA!!!!” and then someone went “SARANGHAEEE!!!” Wah, i thought is what Kpop event. Uncle went to take a closer look, and realised that it’s a memorial for a Kpop idol who recently committed suicide. He was from a band called SHINee.

S6S7S9Pictures from CNA

Uncle can’t remember the last time Hong Lim Park got so many people – apart from the Pink Dot events. All the water price hike protest lah, MRT breakdown protest lah, human rights protest lah, also not that many people!

The last time so many people gathered in public after someone passed away was in 2015, if uncle recalled correctly. That was when LKY died. When former President SR Nathan and former Minister Othman Wok passed away maybe also not that many people!

Uncle meant no offence to the dead young man who passed away. But uncle feel that it is sad to see our local youngsters bochup about national issues, which uncle think is more important lah.

Uncle can understand lah. If uncle’s favorite footballer or Japanese porn star pass away, uncle also will be very sad and attend a memorial in Singapore if there was one.

But cannot just care about favorite footballer or favorite Japanese porn actress mah. Don’t be apathetic lah. Consumerism is the opium of the masses. Don’t get addicted and ignore more important things. Cause if you don’t care about these matters, then who will?

If only we put in the same enthusiasm into society and the world at large. Sigh.