Bye bye, Ezbuy?


“Kee Chiu!” If you tried to save money and purchased Christmas presents on Ezbuy. And “Kee Chiu!” if you have been everyday checking your app to see if the darn parcels have shipped. And nothing has arrived.

Yes, it is 5 days to Christmas and many Singaporeans are now in a panic and just buying Ferrero Rocher chocolates because, !@#$%^&, Taobao has blocked Ezbuy. So much for 11.11 lor, more like T_T. T_T

And despite the media hoo-ha of the fingers pointing between Ezbuy and Alibaba, owner of Taobao over the blocking of Ezbuy, the folks behind Ezbuy still don’t want to admit that really, it’s over. Talk about being in denial! Login to your app and the pop up screen shows this announcement that it’s “temporarily ceased” not “stop”.


Those who paid for Ezbuy Prime and now have no presents to give their nieces and nephews had about enough with Ezbuy for sure.

We try to piece together the emotional roller coaster here…

Kanna sai, why so long haven’t ship???


Call Ezbuy 100 times… finally get through and got, “We will check on your orders” answer from bored operator




Anyway this shows one thing, don’t mess with the big guys like Alibaba, as this whole saga has shown, you will kena makan like dunnowhat.

R.I.P. Ezbuy. It was good while it lasted.

Now, who’s considering the Amazon Prime $2.99 thing? This one also winner lor, big player from US stealing small player’s business model. Again, you big, you win lor.