Maid abused husky case: Who is the FB uploader helping?

Doggie trouble. CNA has reported that AVA and SPCA are now investigating a case where a maid has allegedly abused a husky when her employers are overseas.

The case was first exposed by a netizen named Yeow Min Quan, who uploaded a video of the maid hitting the husky with a metal feed bowl on his FB. Don’t know why, it somehow took him a week of observing that the dog was in trouble before he decided to alert the authorities. Yeow’s post was later reported in Mothership but was later taken down at the request of the dog’s owners.


We don’t know the condition of the husky for now and many netizens are concerned since the dog has been yelping and moaning for a week before the authorities stepped in. The dog also appeared to be injured as its leg was bandaged. We can only pray and hope for the best.

When he first published the post, Yeow wrote that he had wanted to remind pet owners that they have a responsibility to take care of their pets and to make sure that even their helpers know how to do that. But he was also afraid that netizens will CSI the owners of the dog and they kanna shamed. So he didn’t tell the incident location (perhaps to protect himself also lah). After the incident created a public outcry, Yeow decided to take down the FB post, not because it was too graphic or disturbing for the viewers, but because the abused dog’s owners requested so.

Not saying that Yeow did anything wrong. But perhaps, his actions are not very consistent leh.

If his point to post the video on his FB was to raise awareness among pet owners about their responsibilities, then why did he remove the whole post later? It’s as if he felt that he did something wrong by having that post there in the first place. If it’s the case of the video being too graphic, perhaps he can just take down the video and not the whole post? What message is Yeow sending to the public when he bent backwards to accommodate the request of the abused dog’s owners?

dog 1.JPG

Yeow himself said he heard the dog’s yelps and moaning for a week before he took the video. Let’s say if it’s a toddler we are talking about here, or a frail elderly, will the reaction time be shorter? Or how about even victims like Annie Ee’s case? Will Yeow pop over to check on the situation faster than what he took in this dog case?

Yeow said he will update his post accordingly when there are new developments. I hope it will be a positive one.

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