Singapore mosques should put up a banner to wish others a Merry Christmas?

I mean they did it for Chinese New Year. Some even helped in the distribution of the oranges, so why not just wish Merry Christmas too?

cny mosque.JPG

cny mosque 2.JPG

Would this go against the Muslim Creed?

Just like Chinese New Year, Christmas can be considered a cultural holiday too, where people enjoy the day off and soak in the festive atmosphere and programmes.

Are we such an insecure bunch?

How come Muslims got no issues shopping from Christmas sales but got trouble when asked to wish others Merry Christmas?

Is there anything wrong for a mosque to show that Muslims in Singapore respects and values other ethnic and religious communities, and that we can all live together in peace and harmony?

There are significant differences in which Christmas is celebrated around the world, why can’t Singapore have their own unique version too? – one where everyone just is happy with each other’s festivities.

muslim christmas