A clash of egos? Failed merger talks among opposition parties

Wah wah wah,

Did you guys read Zaobao? So apparently, some of the poorer performing opposition parties in the 2015 General Elections held talks to discuss to a merger.


The four parties are – National Solidarity Party (NSP), Reform Party (RP), People’s Power Party (PPP) and Singaporeans First (SF).

Actually, merger is a good move lah. All four opposition parties were super cui in the last GE. It’s high time they rethink their strategy and rebrand themselves to stay relevant. In terms of the % of valid votes in the seats that they contested:

  • Goh Meng Seng’s PPP received around 23.1%
  • KJ’s RP received around 20.6%
  • Tan Jee Say’s SF received around 21.5%
  • And (i dunno who is their leader cause keep changing) NSP received around 25.3%

And in a first-past-the-post electoral system where the winner takes all, it makes sense to have just a few major parties – look at UK and the US.

So… what happened?

Same old story i guess. Plans for merger aren’t new – there have been talks by smaller opposition parties in the past, but most of these plans were aborted.


Cause everyone wants to be Indian chief lah. Look at the personalities – KJ, Tan Jee Say and Goh Meng Seng – how is it possible for them to work together?

At some point in time (and we hope soon), these smaller opposition parties should really start thinking of the big picture, and focus less on smaller, petty self interests. What’s the point of having so many political parties in the landscape? You think voters are shopping in Giant Supermarket ah, the more the merrier?

Wake up your bloody idea, and stop being mired in stupid infighting. At the very least, stop doing stupid things like going into a three or even four cornered fight.

Because the one that is laughing at the end of the day will be the ruling PAP.