Sun Tze Art of Winning Elections

Tuition is big business in Singapore. Very huat one.

And former Presidential Hopeful Tan Cheng Bock is a trail blazer in setting a new niche in the tuition industry- he has offered to mentor anyone who wants to enter politics.

He said at a public forum on Saturday that he wants to teach “the art of winning elections”. And he will teach his mentee not to think like the typical “very obedient, insecure and many a time, fearful of authority” Singaporean.

“If the mentee “do enter into the political arena, even into the PAP, I think they will carry some of my views,” said Tan Cheng Bock.

And he also said that Presidential Elections 2017 will have an impact on the next Elections because we Singaporeans are angry with the Presidential Elections.

Then now, Kenneth Jeyaretnam has replied to Tan Cheng Bock in a lengthy post. Think he really buay song Tan Cheng Bock.

The main point of his post is that he said Tan Cheng Bock was all quiet when he was a PAP MP. Then now start to speak out after he cannot be president.

Calling Tan Cheng Bock “self-serving”, Kenneth Jeyaretnam said: “But when Dr Tan is personally affected by LHL’s dirty tricks he suddenly finds his voice but only to complain about the unfairness he suffered.”

And he ended off the long post with “So forgive me if I am not convinced by Dr Tan’s announced conversion to the cause of democracy and Opposition in Singapore.”