Police says: Be responsible ok

Ahead of the party holiday season, the Singapore Police Force is already reminding you to be a good boy and girl, and don’t run riot after drinking.

Yes, especially you youngsters who may play firecrackers and set fire or go around picking fights.

The simple black and white graphic posted on SPF’s Facebook page was quite hilarious. Reminds us of how we would kana curfew cos our parents scared we get into trouble.


Our friendly mata said:

“Don’t let a series of bad decisions ruin your night.

Police will not hesitate to take tough action against anyone who commit criminal acts such as fighting/rioting and molestation.”

Best thing, it is great meme material. Already, Zack Zainal has created his own version:


Muahahah. Waiting for more variations.

And meanwhile in the US, the Houston Police also quite humorous. And they really in the festive mood hor- they created a video with the Grinch stealing things to remind people to be careful of theft in the holiday season.


Watch how Houston Police Chief kept a straight face while his colleagues arm chio in the background when they brief the reporters on a suspected theft case going around.

SPF, can we have a video next please? Challenge accepted anot? LOLOLOL.