What is Jerusalem worth to you?

Trump is not the first American President to want to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Bill Clinton (1992), George W Bush (2000), Barrack Obama (2008) all said the same thing during their campaigns period.

Nations worldwide make a song and dance condemning America’s plans while terrorists used this as an opportunity to recruit more people and to launch more attacks.

The Muslim world is weak.

International law is only as good as the people respecting it and right now, no one in that region is currently giving a hoot about international law.

The Arab league seems to care more about their oil, their clans and their ego, while other nations just prefer to remain neutral and prioritise the safety of their people.

People who deeply cares about the issue increasingly find that they cannot count on their Arab leaders (or other world leaders for that matter) to solve the conflict.

Many ended up taking things into their own hands by joining terrorist groups and engaging in mindless violence and enmity between neighbours.

The truth is that there will always be conflict in that region, even if Jerusalem became Israel’s capital today.

Arabs, Muslims, Jews, Christians, there will always be some d***heads trying to trigger and provoke a reaction.

A Jerusalem at war is more meaningful in that region than a Jerusalem at peace.

What is Jerusalem worth to you?