Bluecar is the new oBike

We have bike-sharing now, and then it won’t be long before we have car-sharing. Looks like vehicle sharing is the trend now. BlueSG will be the first operator to introduce an electric car-sharing programme on Dec 12. This is an agreement BlueSG has with Land Transport Authority (LTA) and Economic Development Board (EDB) to eventually push out 1,000 electric cars on the road.

Wah, really pattern more than badminton. But good things must share share ma…

But how to use? Very simple. Users can book their Bluecar via their mobile app (which is already available on Google Play and app store) and the rentals will be charged based on the duration rather than on distance. You have two subscription plans to choose, either:
1. Premium Yearly Membership plan: Subscribers pay $15 per month, and are charged $0.33 per minute for a minimum booking of 15 mins; or

2. Weekly Membership fee: No recurring fee involved, users pay $0.50 per minute for a minimum duration of 15 mins.
You can find out more here.
Seems like a workable initiative hor? Especially since now that the gahmen said that there will be zero percent car growth next year. Like that COE confirm increase one, then harder to get cars because it will become more expensive, plus with our public transportation so cui now, this looks like a possible solution to our transport woes! The operator and users do not need to worry over petrol because these cars go by electricity. The company will eventually push out a total of 30 BlueSG stations offering 120 charging points island wide. But for a start, only 80 cars will be available at its launch.
But let’s not get too excited la. We saw how the bike-sharing initiative turned out right? While it is indeed useful for some, clearly we have funny people parking the bicycles everywhere and anywhere. Make us so pek cek that we decided to throw them into the drain. So don’t say never warn you hor, but are you sure BlueSG car-users will also park your cars properly at the designated stations?
And fees are charged based on duration instead of distance. Sounds very worth it right? But think again, what if someone decides to cut cost and risk speeding to their destination to save money? Scarly they lang-ga how? Will we see more irresponsible driving and road accidents?
What about ensuring that those who drive the Bluecars hold a valid driving license? (And not when he is suspended or have maxed out his demerit points) What if some notorious gin-nahs want to be funny and drive these cars without a driving license? Who will be responsible for them?
Good try la, but only time will tell if this works. Don’t let Bluecar be the new oBike.