WP Chief Low Thia Khiang broke down into tears when talking about Singapore’s streaming policy


Wah wah wah.

Have you guys watched WP’s latest documentary? Part one of the documentary, titled “Walking with Singapore: Road to 2011” was released on YouTube earlier this week.

And I must say, it’s very well produced. Professionally done. Certainly speaks volumes about WP’s growth in strength these days.

The documentary focused mainly on events after Mr Low Thia Khiang took over as secretary-general. Which is a pity, cause WP had a long and illustrious history even before that. I believe that Kenneth Jeyaratnam would use this as another example to argue that WP is trying to whitewash their history by downplaying the memory of JBJ.

Nonetheless, for me, the best part of the documentary was when Mr Low Thia Khiang broke down in tears when talking about the education policies in Singapore. In particular, he was narrating how he felt as a young teacher then when the streaming policy was introduced – how it could be detrimental to young students, especially those who come from poorer backgrounds and did not have the resources to compete.




And here’s the segment of the video (around the 9min mark):

Another highlight of the video for me? Towards the end of the documentary, Mr Low Thia Khiang also shared that he knew running Aljunied wasn’t going to be easy – that inside him, he knew it wasn’t going to be simple, and the PAP wasn’t going to sit around and allow the PAP to have a smooth journey. Alluding to WP’s troubles over AHTC perhaps?


And the documentary ended off with Low saying “I know the PAP’s pattern”.


You can watch the said segment here (around the 49min mark):

Looking forward to part 2. We are used to listening to the government’s narrative, so it would be interesting to see what WP has to say about running Aljunied GRC, which is probably going to be the focus of the second part of the documentary from the looks of it.