Who says no money no car?

Last time people say only the rich can afford to own a car in Singapore, because the COE alone is enough to kill you liao, and this is on top of the price of a car.

But now, seems like families in the low-income bracket can also manage to own a car leh! Wah seh, got hope liao!

So it was reported that this family with a household income of about $3000—which is the average income of the bottom 20 per cent of working households, paid $29,000 upfront for a second hand car, and then gave up $500 per month to maintain the car expenses.

Wah siao right! Like that only left $2500 left to feed the family leh. But then they also say they need the car because it is easier to travel with two young kids, and it is unlikely that they will give up the car.


Why they so pampered. What about their utilities? Baby diapers? Kindy? Milk powder? Maybe your Returns of Investment (ROI) would be higher if you put the $500/month +$29,000 into a bank or get some useful books for your gin-nahs…..But seriously, this is quite siao leh….Feed the car already, how to feed the children?

But then they say because got gin-nahs, so it is more convenient to ferry the kids around with a car. Imagine having to push your baby pram into the MRT or take a bus during the peak hours, not only does it burdens young mothers, but also makes it stressful for other commuters.

So who cares if you are high-income or low-income? As long as you REALLY need it and can manage your finances without having to borrow from the loanshark, then why bother about how rich people have to be in order to have a car?

The gahmen also say they will slowly improve public transport infrastructure so that Singapore can move towards a car-lite society. But with such pressing needs from families with young children or immobile elderly, are we also sure that all grounds are covered before it is possible for these families to give up their private cars and take the public transport?