Do Good Do Together: Help the poor by raising taxes


Wah wah wah,

You all tiagong gahment say they going to increase taxes already right? Gahment say they won’t need to increase during this term.

But hor, since the next GE probably coming in 2020, 2021 latest, means the tax increase coming soon liao lah.

Government say raise GST is to help the poor what? Do good, do charity, do together! Higher GST means more money raised, and means government has more money to help the poor, no? Good mah, why everyone complain? HAHAHAHA.

I know why everyone complain lah. Nobody except the gahment likes tax increases. Also, got other ways of finding money right? Such as cutting costs – currently we got so many jiak liao bee civil serpents, especially from MIDNEF. Wah lao eh, their annual budget so big, more than 14billion. Surely can save some money here and there, and cut budget by 1% right?

But seriously, most of your deserved it. You whole day ask government to spend more on social services right. Be a more caring and inclusive society right?


Somemore you all don’t want to give birth to sinkie kids, and yet don’t want government to bring in foreigners. Then our own population growing old, need more healthcare etc.

Then how? You think what, money drop from the sky ah? Remember hor, many of those ang mo European countries with extensive welfare systems pay 40-50% income tax.

Be careful of what you wish for.