Couple tortured friend until she dies

Wah kao, have you read this gruesome news of how a couple literally bullied their friend to death and now kanna brought to court already?

Prosecutors have told the court to impose 15 years’ jail for Tan Hui Zhen and 14 years’ jail and 12 strokes of the cane for Pua Hak Chuan.

The victim Annie Ee was intellectually disabled and estranged from her family. She moved in with Tan whom she called ‘Jie Jie’ and her husband.

The couple made Annie do their household and give them money, still not enough. They beat her up everything they are unhappy with her, and one day, really is shit happened le lor.

It seems like Tan really got mental problem one: IMH said she has. multiple psychiatric conditions including a borderline personality disorder and depression.

However, IMH also said that Tan was able to know “what she was doing and knew that her actions were wrongful”.

Her lawyer Josephus Tan even more funny. He said the case is “one of a “mismatch of expectations”” between the parties. He said Tan’s mental health was affected after she had suffered three miscarriages.

We don’t know what this “mismatch of expectations” mean and the newspapers also never say more about this. But we hope he doesn’t mean both parties, especially Annie, didn’t know what they were doing by living together?!

And all that Pua could say for himself was that he regretted “not manning up and putting a stop to (the abuse) before things got out of hand”. Sorry bro, we know sometimes wives can be scary to manage but this has crossed the line of being hen pecked ok?

There is an ongoing petition to call for harsher punishment for the couple.

Annie’s siblings are also promoting the petition:

Ehm, now then the siblings do something and show some care? Ok, we don’t know their family background and why Annie has to leave alone without her family. We can only say,  especially in this holiday season: take care and cherish your loved ones.

And we hope justice will be done for Annie.