Man, these wild babes are no joke

We know we are (somewhat) ready to tackle the assailant in a sudden crowd attack when our police officer does not hesitate to open fire at the assailant in order to protect the lives of our people.

I’m talking about the wild boar attack on Punggol West flyover that happened on Tuesday 22 Nov night.

The wild boar had sustained injuries after a car accident just before it kena shot. It was lying on the road when police officers and staff members from ACRES arrived at scene. According to news reports, the wild boar suddenly got up and charged towards the crowd. Wah like those scary scene in a horror movie. #americahorrorstory

Officers fired their tasers at the wild boar at first, but it continued to charge. This was when the police officer decided to draw out his revolver and shoot the boar. Heng heng the police officer was quite a sharp shooter – hitting the boar at the neck. Nobody else was injured.

piglet 3

Is it necessary to open fire at the wild boar? Some may question.

I think so leh, because the impact of a wounded, desperate and charging wild boar – one that can weigh as heavy as 100kg, can be life endangering. Wild boars are tusked animals. When they charge at humans, usually it’s the thigh area that will be attacked most directly. If the victim keeps moving after the first wave of attack, the boar will step back and charge again.

piglet 2

For some reason, we seem to have come into contact with wild boars more this year.

  • In October, a man was injured after being attacked by a wild boar at Hillview Avenue.
  • In September, three persons were sent to hospital after an accident involving three vehicles and a boar at Lentor Avenue.
  • Also in September, a wild boar on AYE caused an accident, resulting in two persons being sent to hospital.

piglet 4.JPG

Last time I only heard of the wild boars family in Pulau Ubin and those in the forested areas near NTU. Seems like we have disturbed their habitats so much that these wild boars are now forced to find a living in urban areas of Singapore.

If the attacks are once in a blue moon (or once in 50 years), then ok lah. But with so many attacks in a year, this is definitely not as cutesy and funny as the movie Babe: Pig in the City. I wonder if the government can work with the relevant animal groups to look into this? Yes, rely on government again. But what to do? We got no revolvers leh.