Former Paramedics respond to online complain: “Let me tell you what is an emergency”


A FB post by E-Leen Wong complained that her sister was left humiliated by comments from a senior paramedic after calling the 995 emergency ambulance for a non-emergency case.

We reached out to former paramedics to find out what they think about the incident.

“Eh harlow, this case very the common one ah. Members of public think the ambulance is like a taxi, just because cannot get taxi to hospital, they call the ambulance …. Faster and also more importantly free mah… We got funny funny call one ah, toothache la, sprain leg la, headache la,  Diarrhoea la …

Our KPI is to reach the location in 11-15 mins. We literally have to drop everything that we are doing (even doing business in toilet) to rush and get to you safety to provide pre-hospital care because we assume you are in a life-threatening situation (i.e. anytime can die one!)

The most irritating ones are those people who call the 995 emergency ambulance and then  refuse conveyance to the hospital. Like what the hell sia, you call us because you think you are dying, then still can argue you dont want to be sent to the hospital or even choose the hospital you want to be sent to.. Eh, 995 is emergency leh, we send you to nearest hospital la . . . you dying le..

Singaporeans when in distress, damn ugly one, they feel super entitled. They don’t know that by calling the 995 for a non-emergency situation, they actually deprive another person of the emergency ambulance services  (e.g stroke, heart attack, road traffic accident, etc). They don’t think this way one la, imagine if the other person who needs help is their mother or father, then, they will realise the gravity of their actions.

We always remind each other to be as professional at all time, to show care and concern no matter how unreasonable the caller is, because, people who call 995 are already in distress, they will look for something or someone to blame, everything also confirm plus chop your fault one . . . and we are in uniform service leh, management will first find you guilty before they investigate and find you innocent one.. damn chialat… better not take any risk . . later PB all gone . .


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This is what happens when you dial 995.

On 23/11/2017 midnight, my sister Koey Goh tried to unscrew a screw that was stuck on a crystal ornament that her husband bought back from china with a scissors. Unfortunately, while applying pressure to unscrew it, it gives way and it went right through the middle of her palm. Blood gushed out and all over the kitchen floor and on the walls. She was in pain and was bleeding profusely. She went down to get a cab but to no avail. As there was too much blood she felt faint and dial 995. She applied pressure on her wound to try to stop the bleeding while waiting for the professionals to arrive at the void deck. 995 paramedic arrives and asked what happen to her hand and attended to her wound. A senior paramedic asked her whether she’s trying to commit suicide. She replied saying no of course who would commit suicide on the palm. The senior paramedic than continue to ask why did she called the ambulance. She replied as she was in pain and bleeding profusely she do not know whether its serious and thus decided to ring the professional for help. He continued to ask whether she wants them to send her to the hospital. She asked him back whether she need a trip to the hospital as she’s clueless about whether her wound is serious or not. To her surprise, the senior paramedic smirked and replied her that he thought she was going to ask him whether she’s going to die. All the other paramedic started laughing. Humiliated, she apologised that she called the ambulance because she’s really in pain and she felt faint. He continued to say that calling 995 is only for life threatening cases. He told the other paramedic who is attending to her wound to just wash her wound and bandage nicely for her. He asked her whether she has first aid at home and she replied she only has plaster and he retorted back why dont she know how to stop her blood then. She could only stare at him blankly not knowing what to reply him further. He than proceed to ask his colleague to get him some bandages and ask her again whether she has all this at home, she replied no and he sarcastically said that she could have all this bandages as a souvenir from the ambulance. Despite being in great pain, she felt totally humiliated. She apologised again and repeat that she do not know whether her wound is serious thus she called the ambulance but if they find it not serious than its ok and she thank them and walked back home. The next day her hand was already swollen till she couldn’t even stretch her fingers straight. She went to AMK GP and after explaining what happen, the first thing the GP asked her back was why didn’t the ambulance paramedic clean her wound properly. Her wound was cleaned at the GP clinic and as the cut was seriously deep the GP told her she needs to be admitted straight. The minute she got herself admitted to Mount Alvernia, she was told she needs to get her hand operated immediately as the cut nearly go through the surface of her hand. She went through the operation and is still warded now.

As a Singaporean citizen, Im deeply upset and disappointed with how the Paramedics treated my sister. Whether its a life threatening cases or not, as a paramedic your duty is to save life and attend to all medical cases. A non life threatening case could always lead to a threatening case in a split of seconds if left untreated with the proper procedure. Today my sister was humiliated and not given the slightest care and concern. She was mocked at for dialling 995.

To the paramedic who attended to my sister, shame on you. Know your job as a paramedic well and serve your nation with a graceful heart if thats what you want for your career. Do not harm other people’s life with your belligerent attitude.

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