You didn’t see wrongly – it is Jack Ma in a movie

Not sure if you saw the movie clip Gong Shou Dao but Jack Ma made his debut in that movie as a tai chi master (heng, only 20 minutes long), beside other kung fu masters like Jet Li, Donnie Yen and Wu Jing and is more powerful than them siah. Got other A-listers like Huang Xiaoming some more.

giphy (27).gif

I know, right. Luckily, he defeated his opponents using tai chi – that one, I think I can still accept. After all, he practised tai chi for over 30 years and according to Alibaba, the moves you see in the movie are by him.

And that is not the end! He even recorded a movie theme song – Feng Qingyang – with Faye Wong.


All these to promote Chinese culture and pay tribute to the predecessors in these martial arts fields, says Asiaone.

But movie critics saw it as a marketing gimmick to bring in $$$ for Singles’ Day. (Both the movie and theme song were released that weekend.) True or not, no one knows. But he is surely the biggest winner that day regardless what you say about his acting and vocals. Caixin said that Alibaba raked in another record-breaking amount of sales worth up to $25.3 billion that day alone. Its rival would probably do the same if they knew this zhao works loh.

Nowadays, everyone can be anyone siah. Businessman becomes President. Academic turns into spy. Entrepreneur can also debut in movie, release song and be equally successful.