Uber in trouble, is ComfortDelGro still comfortable to partner it?


uber trouble 1.JPG

Four reasons why the deal may be off:

  • Uber has no guts to admit they are wrong

Uber’s data was hacked in October last year. Details of 57 million accounts, such as names, email addresses, mobile phone number of Uber users, and names and licence numbers of 600,000 US drivers were stolen. Yet, they took a year before they made this known to the public. They sacked the two staff who were involved and replaced the co-founder with a new CEO.

Was it a genuine case of data breach or was it a case of selling data for profits? We still don’t know.

  • Uber paid perpetrator to destroy evidence

Uber paid hackers USD100,000 to cover up the data breach.

Almost like an accomplice here, Uber.

uber trouble 2.JPG

  • Uber has deep-seated cultural problems

The data leak is the latest controversy surrounding Uber. Before this, the company was already hit with sexual harassment allegations, a lawsuit alleging trade secrets theft and multiple federal criminal probes against its co-founder Travis Kalanick.

The detoxification of a workplace like this will take a very loooooong time. 

uber trouble 3.JPG

  • Unexplainable phantom rides

There are recent reports in Singapore on riders who were charged for Uber rides they did not take. Uber clarified that these were not linked to last year’s data breach.

Ok not linked to data breach, but then why got unexplainable charges leh?  

No confidence no talk. House not in order, still want to expand and form alliance with another company? That’ll be quite a strange business decision indeed if Uber is still keen on the alliance. ComfortDelGro better think twice before confirming this potentially unCOMFORTable partnership. You’d wanna grow with a strong partner, not go bust with a rotting one.