No more cheap Taobao shopping?

So, Gahmen said raising taxes is inevitable and that has all of us guessing that this is probably code for GST going to go up liao.

Ahead of the Black Friday sales tomorrow, Gahmen drop hint to us liao.

Actually, maybe what they want to do is to impose a tax on our online shopping.

Senior Minister of State for Law and Finance Indranee Rajah said: “You can imagine, 20 years from now, the way people purchase is very different and by that time online platforms will be mainstays, so if that’s not part of the tax regime, there’s going to be a lot of holes there.”

Ya, Gahmen also know that people are all shopping online now already and want to make sure we don’t escape tax.

Wah lau, I do most of my shopping online nowadays because it is cheap and convenient. Who goes to Orchard Road anymore?! Still need to see the black face of the service staff somemore.

So guys, I guess the party is almost over. Shop more now when you can.

By the way, Gahmen also said they never change their position on raising tax- can read it here.

Those who are going to do house reno in the future, good luck to you. No more cheap and good buys from Taobao even though BTOs are cheaper now.