FAS announces plan to improve Singapore football

On 16 Nov, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) held its 35th Annual Congress. FAS laid out a plan to lift Singapore football. The plan’s highlight was to revamp the youth development eco-system with a bottom-up framework, including a focus on youth development in the S.League.

Eh please don’t NATO ok? Singapore football fans are a long-suffering bunch. The Singapore national team has not won one single match in 2017 so far. And our global football ranking has dropped to 173rd which is a historic low. So how to convince fans sia? Besides nobody watches the S.League anymore because nobody really cares.

The plan to develop youth is not a new one. It’s a given. This FAS plan has nothing exciting or ground-breaking to get the football fans putting on their die-hard jerseys and scarves. Why do we all get the feeling that we have heard this one before? FAS like to talk big (remember Goal 2010) but the end result is always the same – damn cui.

So come on FAS. Get your act together for once. After all, we are 173rd in the world. The only way is up when you are bottom of the pile. And you know what – I fucking miss the Kallang Roar.