Black Magic between Zam Zam and Victory murtabaks?

Murtabak is one just one of those dishes that never fails to excite.

Located in front of the iconic Sultan Mosque and just beside each other, both Zam Zam and Victory sell the same kind of food and are constantly competing for customers.


Everyone is aware of the competition between them but they recently took it to another level.

Last year, the Straits Times reported that the owner of Singapore Zam Zam allegedly hired a secret society headman to slash a rival’s face after the latter allegedly touted for customers in front of their rival’s stall.

Yesterday, Zam Zam uploaded two videos on FB titled ‘Neighbour doing black magic (Part 1 and Part 2)’.

Both videos showed a man coming out from the Victory stall at night and spreading some kind of powder at the entrance of Zam Zam, especially covering the corners of the entrance.

Like what the fark bro?

Zam Zam is 105 years old this year making it one of the oldest eating establishments in Singapore. At 103 years of age, Victory Restaurant is no less established. Both restaurants specialize in a style of Murtabak that is quite unique to Singapore.