Really is kanna smoked this time

Those getting new houses take note hor.

Homes that are built from June next year will need to have one smoke detector in the living room. Because these days, a lot of things can catch fire, e-bike lah, drone battery lah.

And if your house very big or got many storeys, then you need to install more lah. See pictures from Straits Times or more details from SCDF website:


But you enthu also dun anyhow install these detectors in places like your kitchen. I read that the smoke from cooking and steam from bathing can set off these smoke detectors. So sensitive siah. Then how?

Does this also mean we cannot have steamboat in the living room during CNY, cannot smoke in living room? And hor, will the smoke from joss sticks trigger these detectors ah? Is that why we cannot be so cheapo and buy those made from China? SCDF says the smoke detectors must meet European, Australian or American standards for fire alarms – EN14604, AS 3786 and UL 217. I hope their Red Rhino will not get a lot of false alarms.

Watever the case, only the contractors and suppliers of these smoke detectors are happy with this news loh. Another excuse for them to anyhow charge the price.