Why is everybardy blaming Khaw Boon Wan?


Wah wah wah,

So yesterday, SMRT held a press conference. Guess what? Mr big shot three-star general Desmond Kuek wasn’t on the panel!

At the sidelines of the press conference, Mr “Fix-It” Khaw Boon Wan said sorry to Singaporeans! But where was big shot general Desmond Kuek?

Then arh, I realised yesterday a lot of people on the internet calling for Khaw to commit Hari Kiri and resign!!!

I know lah, he got chee bye mouth, go say wrong things like Hari Kiri so now people poke poke him. But really, this man can do things one.

He was the Health Minister when SARS happened ok, don’t play play. Also, if not for him, the hospital bed situation now would have been more jialat! And he also fixed the housing problem when he was Minister for National Development, something that the Malboro Mah Bow Tan couldn’t handle.

Khaw only Transport Minister for two years nia. Give him more time. Honestly, I like this man and he seems really shag liao. Cut him some slack, let him do his job. He can deliver one. If come next GE he still cannot perform then vote him out lah!

You force him to step down now, who is going to take over? Who else you think can do the job? You want another big shot general Chief of Defence Force Ng Chee Meng to fix your transport problems ah? He currently Second Minister for Transport.


Don’t want right? Then shut up and cut Khaw some slack lah, bodoh.

But hor, Khaw really need to change the guy in charge of SMRT. I know Khaw is devout Buddhist, very nice guy, but he really too lax with big shot general Desmond Kuek liao.

My kopi kaki who runs his own SME told me last time he hired this former LTC who left the SAF. Wah, that guy sibei cocky, don’t want to listen cause my friend only a chao corporal in NS. He ask the LTC do things, LTC also never do properly. In the end, my friend sacked the LTC. HAHAHAHAH!  Ocifer big fuck ah? Nabei.

Desmond Kuek had five fucking years to fix this shit liao. F-I-V-E years. Three years under Lui Tuck Yew (who we all know is a really nice and hardworking fellar) still cannot fix. Two years under Khaw also cannot fix.

I think we know what’s the problem liao. It’s time Khaw shows Kuek who’s the boss. When a company is in a shit hole, the first to go should be the CEO.

If change Kuek liao and MRT still shitty after two more years, then I will start calling for Khaw’s head. I think that’s fair enough.