Train hump train! Desmond Quek hum ji!

S1Wah wah wah, you guys saw the news or not.

Earlier this morning, one MRT train go and hump another train at Joo Koon MRT station. Then hor, MRT passengers on the train cannot koon properly, all send flying. Newspaper say got more than 20+ people injured.

Wah piang eh. SMRT really regress till jialat jialat. From working normally, to inconveniencing commuters, to endangering people now!! Really cross the line liao. Uncle damn dulan!

Really takes the cake I tell you. SMRT at first sell sob story, tell everyone “they are working on it”, put the ads big big in their train stations. Wah, Uncle see already also touched. Tears come out, SMRT staff so hard working, so cut SMRT some slack for some small delay here and there.

But hor, the Bishan pump incident really make this whole tagline ring hollow. Fuck sia.

Also, damn angry cause today I travelling on the North South Line at 2.30pm, still can have slight train delay cause apparently got train congestion, train in front still at the next station so my train cannot move! What the fuck? Non-peak hour also got congestion one ah?

Desmond Kuek took over SMRT more than five years ago. And yet he got nothing to show for it. Nabei. He is a quack is it? Quack quak quack Hahahahahaah. Maybe he should change his name to Donald or Daffy.

And what’s the worst part? The poor train driver involved in the SMRT Train hump probably gonna get suspended/sacked. Desmond is gonna tell everyone SMRT is sorry, how there are bad apples in SMRT blah blah blah. But he will still continue to get his fat pay check!!! Highest paid volunteer in the world!

I think it is time Khaw Boon Wan call the time on his volunteer liao. Clearly not the right person to turn things around. Desmond Kuek should know that five years is a lot of time! Don’t whole time blame on bad culture bad staff. Sometimes the problem is at the top. Chelsea FC playing like shit under Jose Mourinho, change manager then one season later become Champions!

Don’t be hum ji, Desmond! Be a man, do the right thing! Walk out honourably now, and let someone else who is more suitable to take over the reins.

Else, you are gonna end up a bigger villain than Saw Phaik Hwa.