Aiyo, TOC, how many edits are you going to make?

Whoa whoa whoa… On Sunday, we thought there was a new season in the #Familee saga to watch again, when we saw The Online Citizen SG ran a breaking news update on their Facebook that PM Lee will be suing Epigram Books for defamation!



                         Photo: The original post on TOC which we caught just in time!

So we excited max lah, went to buy Garrett’s Popcorn to watch the new show, but turns out, it was either someone in TOC kena pranked, or maybe it was a marketing stunt for Epigram Books.

After a spectacular record of more than 10 edits (!!!)  on said FB post as we eat our popcorn, they now say:

“Correction: TOC wrote that the publisher will be sued by PM Lee. This is not confirmed. The affected individuals are only told to expect something to arrive on Monday.”


Aiyo, TOC, we thought we would never see this kind of booboo come from a laojiao alternative news site. After all, last time TOC also make SPH jialat jialat before for poor reporting (such as this one.)

Next time, verify your information before anyhow, anyhow breaking news ok?

P.S. the book at “The Phantom of Oxley Castle” is now sold out, and we wonder why.