Fashion statement turned weapon

And so they say, don’t mess with women, you never know if you will lose a limb if you pissed them off. But there’s nothing more painful than losing your eyeball.

Former nightclub hostess, Siti Zahara Afifi Abdul Karim blinded the left eye of her colleague with her 6-inches stiletto heels and was sentenced to 16 months jail. She was also ordered to pay close to $6ooo dollars as compensation for the medical expenses her colleague, Ms Nur Lena Rahmat had incurred. Wah kao, how did she do that?!

Apparently, both women got into a brawl and the nightclub hostess kicked very aggressively in the direction of the victim. It got so jialat even their colleagues couldn’t stop the fight.


Only when the victim kept crying, “I cannot see, I cannot see!” then she stopped kicking.

So what can get two women into such a bloody scuffle? Fighting over boyfriend or money? If it’s the former, aiyah don’t bother fighting over a man la, but if it’s MONEY, hmm, then that’s something worth debating about.

According to reports, they fought over the money for the braces of the accused’s younger sister. Ok, very complicated. So the accused’s sister was in a relationship with the victim’s male friend. Sadly, the two of them broke up. But the male friend wanted to continue paying for his ex’s (aka the accused’s sister) braces even though they broke up. The guy is so nice right?! But the victim tell him don’t be dumb la, don’t need be so nice one.

So the two women had an argument over the money matter and ended up like that. Wah so lame, fight over other people’s money but ended up they themselves paid the price.

tenor (1).gif

Whatever it is, just don’t mess with women la, especially women in KILLER heels.

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