Don’t anyhow post on food products

The next time we talk about some food or health product, better check, double check and triple check before posting something online, especially those who sometimes get some $$$ to promote these products. Don’t your client say what, you post what.

Straits Times said that the gahmen will now enforce stricter food labelling and advertising rules on these products, after they amended the Sale of Food Act in Parliament this week. “The AVA can now specify what claims are allowed and the way they are presented, though these exact requirements will be defined later”.

Last time, companies can kenna up to $5,000 for using unapproved claims. Now, I think it means that social media influencers can also kenna if they are not careful, after they made changes the law. Senior Minister of State Koh Poh Koon said that “the onus will be on the local agents or the paid advocates to ensure that the claims that they are making are truthful.

Remember the Marigold Peel Fresh campaign which drew much flak online?

pic 2

Anyway, these new rules are nothing new also. Consumer protection bodies in UK and US are reportedly taking similar actions, asking social media influencers to say clearly whether they are making a recommendation or advertising their clients’ products.

Okie, I get that this is all in the spirit of helping consumers make informed choices. But hor I think we can see through all the marketing gimmick lah, unless the influencers also up their game to make their advertising more subtle to influence us haha.

And we are reminded at this point, better make sure these influences also dun anyhow under declare their income tax hor.