Parent ah Parent, don’t think you rich and use legal words, then everyone scared of you

Remember the news of a father who yaya papaya send lawyer letter to a school principal (hearsay is ACS Barker Road lah)  and even take the matter to court all because the school confiscated his son’s iPhone for three months as the boy broke the school rules and used the phone during school time?

Well, Justice and common sense has prevailed. Straits Times reported this morning that he had dropped his charges against the principal and even have to pay for the costs incurred by the school over the lawsuit. Really score own goal.

Normal common folks will have to suck it up when they realise the mistake was their child’s breaking rules lah, but of course, the rich and powerful think the road is their grandfather’s one, the school principal and teachers are their servants lor.

Let’s review some spectacular vocabulary in the father’s strongly-worded lawyer letter sent to the school principal previously:

“a three-month confiscation is disproportionate to the offence”

“retaining the phone amounts to the tort of conversion, which involves denying a person’s rights to his property”

At least our Judges can see through the parent’s cockiness in this whole incident.  The court injunction applied by the father was turned down by District Judge Clement Julien Tan in April.

Principal of ACS (Barker Road), good job standing your ground. Got balls yo!


So now new iPhoneX come out, you rich parents out there better take note. Better don’t let your teenage children bring to school and play ya? Else teacher confiscate the phone, you suck thumb when the phone no more resale value when you redeem it 3 months later.