Welcome to Jingapore!


The image above has been making its rounds in Whatsapp groups. For gullible sheeple, their first reaction will be, “Wah this LTA really cannot make it! MRT trains keep breaking down. Now they can’t even spell Singapore properly!” Sigh, this is how fake news spreads.

Relax people, don’t listen to the sheeple.

If you read the signage properly, ‘Welcome to Jingapore!’ is part of the art installations on the Downtown Line by New York-trained photographer Jing Quek. Yeah, so the word “Jingapore” is very much intentional.


Actually, Jing’s work is really very local and very cool. A riot of colour, placing ordinary people in ordinary situations in doing extraordinary things. Yes, train breakdowns suck and it gets on my nerves too. But not everything is LTA’s fault lah.



S1.jpgImages from Jing Quek

The problem with people nowadays is that they will readily share something they saw on social media without even reading the article or post. So next time someone sends you something, please don’t be a cock and just happily forward along. You were given a brain for a reason. Use it.