How he fed the fishes was a little, err fishy….

So American President did it again. Apart from his typos, spelling errors and wrong use of words on twitter and the social media pages, the number of “blunders” he made is countless and more often than not, easily forgettable now that we are so used to it.

And this time he tried to kill koi fishes by overfeeding it. Or to be more accurate, this was what most media outlets first claimed or attempted to portray of Donald Trump. Just look at the headlines when the news first came out:


Well, even our local mainstream media outlet also did that. See la, other people never check, but at least ownself must check ma:

unnamed (1).png

Whoever who sees this kind of news confirm angry one la. And true enough, Trump got his fair share of criticisms when the picture of him emptying the food container went viral online. But then, actually, this was what really happened:

unnamed (2).png

Watch the full video here:

Obviously, the initial reports were taken out of context lor. So the Japanese Prime Minister was the first one who poured everything out, and Trump was just following his lead. Monkey see monkey do lor. But then, it caught much attention and was intentionally picked up by various media outlets.

Well, come to think of it, Trump probably could not have avoided it, because compared to Abe, the way he emptied his container is just too boh swee la.

unnamed (3).png

ST and various online media have edited their reports and corrected the headlines swiftly after realising that what trended previously was fake news. However, this also shows how easily images and news can sway public opinion if we are not discerning enough, and then we tio con into believing that these are real; or worse, further reinforcing our opinion of a person—in this case, reinforcing the impression of Trump as offensive, rude, and arrogant—even though it may or may not be true.

Scary right? Not everything is as simple as it seems to be leh. And before you assume that everything on your social media is true, better think again.