East-West Line next to upgrade; Khaw is on it

Wah now that Desmond Kuek and the SMRT senior management also attended the ministerial statement in Parliament, it shows it is very serious business hor.

Transport minister Khaw Boon Wan outlined in a ministerial statement in Parliament the investigation findings and actions taken to fix the problems. So I guess it sounds like good news lah.

But bad news is, even as the engineers are solving and stabilizing the problems on the North-South Line from the new signalling project, the East-West Line will be the next one to kanna. The East-West Line is slated for the new signaling upgrade later this year. So all you Westies and Easties, be prepared for more inconvenience.

But bo bian lah, whatever works are needed to upgrade and maintain the MRT will need to be done right. So the engineering teams also need more time to work on the tracks so that they can quickly finish up the works.

Which also means train operating hours on North-South Line and East-West lines are likely to be shortened. Sigh, just have to go home early after work lor. Don’t stay out late lah.

With all the changes and reassurance outlined by Khaw Boon Wan, we can only hope that this process will be as painless as possible. Hear that, Desmond Kuek?

Remember what Khaw Boon Wan said hor, everything ‘begins from the top’.

Better buck up and set a good example for your staff. The minister has only helped to buy you a bit more goodwill only.