Wah, WP’s Low Thia Khiang not contesting top position – what about PAP’s renewal?

Wah wah wah.

You guys saw the news already right? Workers’ Partehhhh Low Thia Khiang said he won’t be contesting for the position of Secretary-General at the next WP party elections due in 2018.

Steady sia, bold move to make way for party renewal before the next General Election. Let the young ones move up. Like Pritam Singh maybe? Or maybe let the not so young ones move up – Chen Show Mao must be happy happy right now also cause he probably thinks he got chance.

Means hor. if WP wins the next GE and forms government, the new Secretary-General will become the Prime Minister!!!

But I think hor, apart from leadership renewal, Low Thia Khiang also got hidden agenda one. People don’t call him the number one politician in Singapore for nothing ok. Got street cred one.

Think LTK damn smart sia. He know he might get into trouble over the whole Town Council saga. He know PAP sure fix him one.


So hor, in case anything happen to him, he can say, oh i no longer leader of the party liao, party won’t be ruined, life still goes on!!

Also hor, think got some unhappiness towards LTK among the rank and file, as well as some leaders. If not Chen Show Mao dare to make challenge at the previous party election meh? So step down action action a bit lah.

But LTK no longer Sec-Gen but will still be de-facto leader one lah. Maybe become Emeritus Secretary!!! Or Emeritus General!!!  PAP got dunno what Minister Mentor, Senior Minister, Emeritus Senior Minister and chut all kind of pattern. You think WP won’t have meh.


Maybe LTK also trying to hint hint to Singaporeans that his party got depth, got no lack of talents to take over. LTK younger than Lee Hsien Loong and still can step down as party leader!

LHL must be scared now liao. Whole day say want to retire, but then hor, till now Singaporeans still dunno exactly who will take over sia. Will it be Kee Chiu? Or Sick Heng? Or the sly fox Ong Ye Kung? Or is it the act smart buay smart act handsome buay handsome big shot general Ng Chee Meng?

Not clear leh.