Johor Sultan bans extremist preachers too

The Sultan of Johor damn satki leh. Yeah he looks good in army uniform too.


So the story goes – Singapore banned two extremist Muslim preachers on 30 Oct. Ismail Menk from Zimbabwe and Haslin bin Baharim from Malaysia were supposed to preach on a religious-themed cruise that was scheduled to depart from Singapore on 25 Nov, and arrive back in Singapore on 29 Nov.

Mufti Menk had said a Muslim wishing a non-Muslim friend “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Deepavali/Diwali” is considered “the highest form of blasphemy”, which is a seriously wtf thing to say. I love the fact that everybody in Singapore wishes everybody else on their religious festivals. It’s the most natural thing for Singaporeans to do because we are tight like that.

Yeah so please ban these two cuckoos.

Then Malaysia had to wade into the issue. Deputy Prime Minister Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said that during the preachers’ time in Malaysia, they did not flout any of the country’s laws or spoke anything that can cause conflict and disharmony. Seriously are you guys deluded or what?

But the Sultan of Johor had the final say. Johor Islamic Religious Affairs Committee chairman Abdul Mutalip Abdul Rahim said the Sultan of Johor decreed today (1 Nov) that Menk and Haslin would not be allowed to preach in the state because, “The content of their previous speeches appear to promote racial and religious unrest, which disrupts harmony between the races.” And that my friends is the badass Sultan of Johor. Not a single F was given.