The Middle Ground is no more

It’s a sad day for us. In a shocking announcement, The Middle Ground said that they will be winding down their business. #moreretrenchment

Its closure adds to the list of website shut down in recent times, such as Inconvenient Questions and Six-six news.

These sites, including The Middle Ground, all cited insufficient funding as the reason behind their closure.

But this reflects a wide problem at hand.

The media and news industry needs to find a better way to operate.

The industry relies heavily on funding that comes in from advertising and campaign monies and businesses and the public now expect more from the media.

Businesses want to squeeze more bang out of their buck – with every single cent that they put into their ads, they expect more views and more output. Competition is cut-throat, with established papers, smaller papers, all competing for the same amount of advertising money and funds.

On the other hand, the public don’t want to pay for their news. If they hit a paywall, they will move on to the next best media outlet that allows them free access.

The news readers can also become the news makers nowadays – with their smartphones. They simply just have to point and shoot, or put it on their social media pages. Because of such ease in ‘creating news’, the news reader now also judges the news makers for putting out news that is not of their standards. Admit it, you have seen people commenting on the news asking “like that also news meh?”

But, alternative sites still seem to be going strong.

All Singapore stuff, The Independent Singapore: the sites that go with drama, sex, kaypoh Singaporeans, you name it, they have it. People seem to hold them to very different standards. In any case, they haven’t seen to have seen any drop in readership, nor have much complaints.

I guess sex sells, rather than what The Middle Ground is selling: a fair space for everyone in the middle…. Where two sides can meet and be informed about opposing schools of thought… a place for moderate speech and agreeable disagreement.

Goodbye, The Middle Ground.