Malaysia fined for ‘dog’ chants at SEA Games

“Singapore itu anjing… Singapore itu anjing. Singapore, itu anjing, Singapore itu anjing”

Well, it’s just a low-class way of winding up Singapore players and fans. But according to Singapore player Irfan Fandi, “I heard it but I was already expecting to hear it so it didn’t affect me. I just ignored it.”

At the recent SEA Games, the chant reared its ugly head again. On 31 Oct, Malaysia’s football body was fined US$30,000 or S$40,900 for the chants at Singapore and Brunei fans during the SEA Games.


Well, orbi good. Singapore fans don’t have to stoop to their level. It’s a fact that the state of Singapore football is sibei jialat now but that is a discussion for another day. But at least we know how to support our team properly.

Singapore-Malaysia matches have always been feisty affairs. I guess it is typical of matches between close neigbours like England-Scotland matches. That rivalry makes for more exciting football.

But it doesn’t mean that fans must resort to petty name-calling and insults. In any case, I don’t see what is so insulting to be called a dog. Dogs are nicer  (and cuter) than most people. Let’s see if the Malaysian Ultra fans will be more civilised at the next Singapore vs Malaysia match.