Hello to lower pre-peak fares everywhere, bye bye free pre-peak travel

From 29 Dec, commuters can look forward to cheaper train fares if they tap in before 7.45am on weekdays (excluding public holidays), said the PTC in its recent fare review exercise. The rides will be cheaper by up to 50 cents – and most importantly – this will apply regardless of where the commuters end their trips.


But at the same time, the free pre-peak travel (FPPT) scheme and the off-peak pass (OPP) will cease by the end of the year.

The FPPT currently offers free MRT rides for commuters exiting the selected 18 city area stations before 7.45am on weekends, while the OPP offers unlimited travel outside of the weekday peak periods on bus and trains.

This means that the OLs and those purposefully strutting around in Raffles Place will no longer be able to enjoy this FPPT trial.


Lowered fares to benefit more Singaporeans

Objectively speaking, the lowered pre-peak fares kicking in at the end of year would benefit a bigger bunch of Singaporeans.

Be it the bleary-eyed folks travelling to far-flung edges of Singapore, or students chionging to get to assembly on time, or aunties/ uncles rushing to the market. Everyone can get up to 50 cents off if they tap in before 7.45am on weekdays.

Take for example, you tapped in at Jurong East MRT station before 7.45am, and tapped out at Bishan MRT station to go to school. Currently, you will pay $0.58, but with the discounted rates, you will only need to pay $0.08.

If you are an adult taking the same route above, you will only need to pay $1.11 with the lowered fare (while you are paying $1.61 now). Senior citizens will pay $0.37 instead of the $0.87 they are paying currently.


Before you say, 50 cents is only peanuts – accumulated over the period of a month, it will give you $11, and over a year that will be $132. Saving $11 can get you two cups of that hipster coffee in a month.

There you go, time for you to attempt to wake up earlier to save money. Or as some people like to say, time is money.