Wah nabei, SMRT staff really chao keng

Wah, ji pai siao liao. SMRT just issued statement saying that quarterly maintenance works for the Bishan station water pumps were not done properly!

Fuck sia. Never pump full tank! HAHAHA.

Turns out, SMRT really got culture issue.

SMRT said that maintenance records were signed off and submitted. But their own prelim investigations showed that no track access approvals were issued, and the pumps were not activated during supposed maintenance dates.

Simi lan jiao. Means what huh?

Means someone in SMRT forged the fucking records lah chee bye.

Wah, machiam like army guard duty like that. Sentry and guard commander fake fake say got patrol, but actually sleep in bunk!

Or like those kids who are supposed to be collecting coins during flag day, then fake fake go macdonalds drink ice milo and lepak, Mai ge siao, uncle also young before ok.

So SMRT ground staff also practice SAF core values ah? Can do anything, just don’t get caught. If get caught, act blur.

SMRT said the manager and staff responsible for the maintenance of the Bishan pumps have been suspended while investigations are ongoing.

Seriously this one is SMRT ground staff let Singaporeans down. Go commit harikiri!!!! Go pump yourselves!!!


Remember kids, don’t chao keng and take short cuts in life k. Chao keng a bit here and there, ok lah, won’t affect other people. Uncle also like to surf internet while at work.

But when you are in the business of providing a public service, don’t play play k. Your chao keng can affect a lot of people. Karma is a one hell of a bitch and will always come back to bite you in your ass.