Gahmen scolds Reuters and AFP for fabricating headline on Chan Chun Sing

PM hopeful Chan Chun Sing spoke at a Foreign Correspondents Association (FCA) dialogue on 30 Oct where he was asked if he would like the top job. His reply was, “All of us have to be prepared to do the job when called upon,” referring to the 4th generation leadership which includes Heng Swee Keat and Ong Ye Kung.


But what news agency Reuters did next was sibei cock. The headline of their story was “Singapore minister says he is prepared to become next PM if called upon”. But he never said that leh! So how can you anyhow put words in people’s mouth?


Above picture = Gahmen angry face

So naturally this kind of cock stunt made the gahmen angry, become like Incredible Hulk like that. In a late night statement to media, which Straits Times reported, the gahmen said that “It is irresponsible of a wire agency like Reuters to fabricate quotes like this.” Wow, chibaboom. Reuters – why you make gahmen angry?!

In the first place, Reuters should have reported factually mah. Either Chan Chun Sing got say, or he never say. What to do, so Reuters guai guai go and change their headline to “Singapore minister says he, and his colleagues, all prepared to become next PM if called upon”. Even Yahoo News also had to change their headline because they reported off Reuters.

In the first place, if everybardy don’t anyhowly report things, then nobardy will be angry and nobody will kena scolding from gahmen. Correct anot?