Aiyo! Najib, why so serious?

Sometimes you cannot help but wonder if some Head of States are like small kids, all fighting to best friends with the most popular kid in the ‘hood.

During his recent trip to US (21 Oct), PM Lee Hsien Loong stayed at the Bleargh Blair House and he was quoted as sayingIt is an honour to stay here in the President’s Guesthouse for the third time. I will be calling on President Donald J.Trump on Monday.” 

What’s the big deal we wonder? Somemore yaya papaya tell everyone he’s stayed there three times. Three time okay? Don’t play play.

So we Asked Google. And according to Wikipedia:

The President’s Guest House is one of several residences owned by the United States government for use by the President and Vice President of the United States; other such residences include the White House, Camp David, One Observatory Circle, the Presidential Townhouse, and Trowbridge House. The President’s Guest House has been called “the world’s most exclusive hotel” because it is primarily used to host visiting dignitaries and other guests of the president. It is larger than the White House and closed to the public.

Annnnd… Here come the insecure friend who’s not happy that Hsien Loong gets the best slice of the cake.

Malaysian PM Najib reportedly said:  

“Even though I did not stay at the Blair House, I had an invite to play golf with Trump. Trump also walked me to my car. We still get the highest honour from the US administration,”

 *cough* sour grapes *coughs*

Well, we can tell Najib is weeping in one corner because he had to rough it out at the Trump International Hotel.

Yes yes, we know US is a superpower, but we would have thought Heads of States would have deemed pouting to be totally beneath them! 

Guess PM Loong is secretly sniggering.

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