Tuition Centre Gives Out Air Ticket to Top Students – What’s Wrong?

Will you send your kid to a tuition centre that gives out prizes to students who scored good grades?

I recently read about this tuition centre – Economics At TuitionGenius – which gives out, listen carefully ah, Golden Village movie vouchers, Kinokuniya book vouchers, Apple watches, iPad, air ticket to Greece etc to the centre’s top performing students.

Not kidding.

The centre will also give the air ticket winning student another $500 cash to spend freely.

The tuition centre boss Eugene Toh, seems to enjoy giving out things. Only 29 this year, this Eugene has been the sole tutor for the centre for 10 years and counting. Earlier in July, he was interviewed by The Straits Times for handing out free foolscap pads, breakfast sets and bubble tea outside schools once every two weeks, either before or after school, to market his tuition centre. On top of that, he gives out attractive prizes to motivate his tuition centre students to get As for their Econs.

Eugene claims that he is paying for all these incentives out of his own pocket. This is actually no different from parents who reward their kids with overseas trips, a fun day out, toys, electronic gadgets etc when they do well in school. So although Eugene’s method is a bit unorthodox, it does not necessarily mean it’s bad. If students can be incentivised this way, then why not right? After all, you don’t go to tuition centres to learn moral values. You go there to get good grades. If a student can be motivated by material needs and less spurred on by painfully put together tuition materials and booster classes, whatever works yah?

As long as the prizes are not anything inappropriate and the costs of these prizes are not factored back to the centre’s charges, I am sure the parents will be more than happy to see their kids’ grades improved.

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