Shanmugam tells people not to “romanticise” drug traffickers

On Thursday 26 Oct 2017 at the second Asia-Pacific Forum Against Drugs held in Singapore, Home Affairs Minister spoke about Singapore’s anti-drug framework and continued his usual stance that having the death penalty in Singapore makes the stakes very high for those thinking of trafficking drugs here and keeps Singapore safe.

*cues human rights activists to come out and protest with the usual “you have no proof to show that hanging people keeps the drugs offence figures low”*

Okay, while we don’t really want to get potato-wedged between Shanmugam and the human rights chaps, we want to clap for Shanmugam here for two reasons, because finally he has some not so boring angle to talk about in his nothing new to say speech.

First clap, he took a jab at anti-death penalty activists with “some have been trying to sway public opinion of the death penalty by “romanticising individuals who have been involved in the drug trade”. Yah lah, all the sob stories out there, always the same, cry father cry mother, mother cry father cry, even grandmother also come and cry in front of Istana. When they laughing to the bank (if they had gotten away with the drug deal), you know who crying?

Second clap, I give him because he dare to name Colorado in the United States as an example of where legalisation of drugs has “gone wrong”.

Eh bro, your Boss PM Lee just went to US to shake hands with Trump right? Then you go and malu him. Later he kena kicked to the corner of the room during state dinner then you know!

So however you see it, nothing has changed. Death Penalty is here to stay. Too bad, you soft-hearted romantics.