Fox news = Fake news

Umm. Fox News ah. Maybe you want to check transcript before putting SOMETHING SO FREAKING PROVOCATIVE ON TV??

As revealed by a article on Wednesday, neither LHL nor Trump said anything about confronting North Korea!

What Trump actually said was:

Our two nations also share an unwavering commitment to countering the North Korean threat and promoting freedom of navigation in the South China Sea.



Lagi worse, our PM never even say anything along those lines! He just said:

President Trump and I naturally discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula. We strongly oppose the nuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula, as it affects the peace and stability of the region.

And like the US, we condemn the DPRK’s dangerous provocations. These pose a serious threat to regional and international peace and stability.

I shared with President Trump what Singapore has done to pressure and to isolate the DPRK, going beyond U.N. Security Council resolutions. But there is no quick and easy solution. Pressure is necessary but so is dialogue. The US will need to work with others, including China, South Korea, and Japan, and Russia to resolve the issue.

Fuck you la Fox News (otherwise known as FAKE NEWS) can you pls not get Singapore into trouble with a crazy dictator???

We already have enough here to deal with what with train tunnels flooding and the weather getting hotter and hotter. Would rather not also have to worry about some dude deciding one day that we make a nice target FOR A NUCLEAR BOMB.

So pls stop with this fake news Fox News. You want to confront the feller, you are on your own. Kthxbye.