Becoming a car-lite society, got so easy meh?

If you are planning to get a car soon, better buy it before February 2018. Because LTA has announced that they will be cutting Singapore’s vehicle growth rate from the existing 0.25 percent to ZERO percent. Yes, its kosong—0 percent.

The kosong growth rate will take effect from February 2018, and this applies to cars under the following COE categories:

Category A: cars up to 1,600 CC & 97KW

Category B: cars above 1,600 CC or 97 KW

Category D: motorcyles

Wah, how come Category C so heng leh, can be spared from this? Vehicles that fall under Category C are essentially goods vehicles and buses, and LTA said growth rate for Category C will remain unchanged until the first quarter of 2021 so that businesses have more time to improve their logistics operations and reduce the number of commercial vehicles they require. Ok, fair enough.

For private cars and motorcyclists, LTA added that ZERO growth is unlikely to affect the COE supply significantly because COE quota is largely determined by the number of vehicle de-registrations. So no new cars and motorcycles until others de-register first.

Walao, why like that?

LTA said because Singapore has land constraints and competing needs. And now that 12 percent of Singapore’s total land area is taken by roads, there is limited scope to expand road networks. Aiya, no space for roads, so no space for more cars lor.

And LTA said they would continue to improve our public transport system. But sure a not? Trains break down like nobody’s business everyday and track faults are as frequent as ToTo draws. You sure your 200 engineers can sort out your cables by February 2018?

Or maybe the attempts to move towards a car-lite society are too ambitious for now?

Jin jialat. No trains, no extra cars on the road and then COE become more expensive. Maybe we need to start walking to work liao.