SMRT: 200 more engineer to sort out MRT cables?

SMRT  recently announced that it is looking for 200 engineers to clean its shit. Very good- job creation mah. Maybe some of those retrenched by SPH can go try for the job interview. One stone kill too birds.

Why does SMRT need to hire so many engineers? Maybe they finally wake up their idea and want to do something to solve their problem. Then what is the problem ah? We hear a juicy suggestion.

Some consultant posted in the forums that the MRT problem could be due to too many cables:

mrt 1Is it like those scene in the movies that the experts don’t know which wire to cut?

Maybe SMRT has left the many wires alone cos they dun dare to do anything about it and now they realised they cannot ignore them anymore.

Good luck to the 200 engineers going to be hired. But we hope you will help solve the problem ok.

See lah SMRT, now we know why you need to use so many cable ties.