Singapore Passport Aiseh



Best news ever today – turns out each and everyone of us true blue Singaporeans got something in our pocket that kena upgraded overnight.

And for the first time ever, an Asian passport – some more the passport of this little red dot country – has surpassed all the angmoh passports out there to be number one. DUN PLAY PLAY.

Apparently this means we have the most “visa-free” relationships with other countries, i.e. more than any other citizens of other countries, Singaporeans mostly don’t have to go apply visa to travel!

Which is damn heng lah because Singaporeans love to travel. Cos within our country – where can you go?? Not like bigger nations where you can holiday inside your own country. Over here, what you going to do – take a weekend trip to Mandai??

Lol. Anyway this quite cool lah hor? Finally a number one ranking we can actually use once or twice a year!