Honk Honk, go away please.

Yet another wedding kanna police called in. On Sunday, a convoy of cars arriving in Jurong East to pick up a bride was so noisy that a few residents called the police.

Not surprising the residents so angry.

I have also been woken up early on weekend mornings by those who came to fetch their bride and scared people don’t know. Freaking frustrating one, you know. Already have to wake up early from Monday to Friday, still cannot have peace sleeping in on weekends.

Worse thing that make me more angry is, what is the point of honking the cars when they come to pick up the bride? Make everyone wake up only.

We went to google and apparently, the honking of car horns on the way to the bride’s house will scare evil sprits away.

I think the neighbours are the first ones to be scared.

Not say don’t want to be respectful of traditions, but as we modernise, shouldn’t we relook at the traditions we have and apply/modify those that can be more relevant to our current lifestyle?

Culture is constantly evolving. It is not static, so we should not hold on to the past stubbornly.

For instance, the honking of cars was probably accepted by the community when we used to live in a village and the whole village will kaypoh each family’s affairs. The kampong spirit, you know.

Now we are living in a community where there are different races and religions. Shouldn’t we spare a thought for the welfare of these neighbours too? The kampong spirit is also weaker. Hello, I really don’t care the Ah Girl next block is getting married.

In any case, I have always felt that the gate crashing part of Chinese weddings is outdated. Is the bride not going to marry the groom if he fails in the games? Of course not right. Then what is the point of these games, especially when some of the sisters of the brides take it as a chance to tekan the groom.



Very nice to see your future husband playing this kind of games meh?

Abolish all these outdated wedding practices. Guys, thank me later.